eWalkingMusic.Com is an indie label founded by Eric Walker in 2009. Eric started the label originally to just release his instrumental electronic music. The first release was the Album Tangier Dream in late 2010.

Tangier Dream exceeded Eric’s expectations charting to #38 in the UK and #128 in the US on iTunes Electronic Charts. It was followed up in 2014 with “Universal Delight” which also did well.

Eric released his 3rd album “Brand New Day” in September 2016 which was up for Grammy consideration at the 59th Annual awards making it to the last ballot but just shy of the top 5.

Brand New Day and the rock instrumental track “The Shattering” both received a lot of radio air-play on more than 30 stations worldwide.  The Shattering at one point reach 180 on the rock charts.

With Eric’s love of music he has now decided to begin collaboration with other vocal artist’s. His first collaboration is a single “Just For You” featuring ACM.Just for You” will be released worldwide on April 24, 2017.

Eric is looking to expand his indie label and is looking to work for Artist’s. To submit your music for consideration please us our Contact Us page and send us links to your work.